MILO AND DEXTER Heritage vin naturel t-shirt manche longue en beige

by Milo & Dexter


The natural wine shirt is a direct homage to the extraordinary natural wineries of Quebec. It boldly embodies their essence, channeling their raw beauty and distinctive character. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this shirt is exclusively made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. 

Organic cotton serves as the foundation of the wine shirt, symbolizing a conscious commitment to ecological harmony. By eschewing synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, the cotton used in its creation is cultivated in a manner that nurtures the environment, promotes healthier soil, and safeguards the well-being of farmers. This choice reflects a deep-rooted respect for the Earth and a desire to preserve its precious resources.

Embracing its natural state, the wine shirt proudly flaunts its undyed fabric. This deliberate decision allows the shirt to retain its original hue, celebrating the authentic beauty of organic cotton in all its unadulterated glory. The absence of artificial dyes not only enhances the shirt's organic appeal but also contributes to a reduction in water usage and minimizes the release of potentially harmful substances into the environment.

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